Antigua: Fun With a Water Camera

Since our snorkeling/Xtreme Circumnav tour got cancelled, we hadn’t used our underwater camera at all.  So today we made it our sole mission to use all of the film on the camera.

This morning started like all the others with an enormous breakfast served to us in our room.  We slowly ate, got our suits on and made it down to the beach.  We spent the morning, and well into the afternoon, just lazing on the beach reading, napping and swimming.


Churned up, murky water

Churned up, murky water

Our awesome butlers came down, without us asking, with a cooler full of beer and water for us, plus a frozen drink for each of us.  They also served us pizza for lunch on the beach.  I admit this is completely ridiculous and unnecessary, but oh, so nice!


After several hours of lazing on the beach, we decided to liven things up a bit.  We went back to the room to splash around in the pool and found champagne cocktails left by our butlers.  So we downed some cocktails and then the fun began.


*Please, try not to be jealous of all the ridiculousness you are about to witness.*

Who knew a water camera and a tiny plunge pool could provide such entertainment?  We had a blast…

Doing cannonballs


Pretending to be whales


Doing “trust falls” into the water


And trying to prove we could walk on water



It’s exhausting having so much fun.


And I bet you just added a water camera to the packing list for your next beach trip, didn’t ya?  If not, you should.  I’d love to see more silly pictures like this!

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